DIversité - Adaptation - DEveloppement des plantes

The RICE team (Rice, Interspecies Comparison & Evolution) works on different rice species.

Asian cultivated rice, Oryza sativa, is a staple food for a large part of the world population and yield increase, for instance through better resistance to stress, is one of the major challenges of coming years to deal with the population increase. RICE team's activities aim to explore genetic diversity in O. sativa  (including its sub-species indica and japonica), and its related species, including African cultivated species, O. glaberrima, and wild, O. barthii, to identify new genes or alleles of interest for the improvement of Asian rice. We particularly focus on original sources of putative diversity associated to the pangenome concept or to the epigenic control of genome stability. We have also set up genetic (collections, populations) and genomic resources, as well as bioinformatics tools targeted at high-throughput genomic analysis and data integration.