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Picture of Coffee flowers

EVOGEC TEAM : Evolution of Coffee trees Genomes

The EvoGeC  (Evolution of Coffee trees Genomes) team, component of the UMR DIADE, is composed with three IRD permanent staff members.

The activities of the EvoGeC team are focused on the Coffea genus and its close relatives among the Rubiaceae. They aim to disentangle species relationships within the Coffea genus and the Coffeeae tribe and, to produce a database including available information on the largest possible number of species. Three projects are conducted within international consortia.

The Genome13 project has the objective of identifying the main driving forces of coffee genomes evolution through comparative genomics analyses. The ACGC project, coordination shared with Nestlé R&D Tours, is sequencing the C. arabica genome (the most worldwide cultivated species) in order to identify new genes putatively helpful for breeding. The ModelCaf project integrates mathematical approaches of coffee trees architecture and a genetic module in the GreenLab structure-function model.    

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