DIversité - Adaptation - DEveloppement des plantes


Senior researcher at CIRAD
PhD in Biology Molecular and Biochemistry at University of Montpellier.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Current location: Veracruz/Xalapa, Mexico

Research interests

Dr J-C Breitler worked for 10 years in the rice adaptive development team as a molecular biologist in charge of functional genomics projects. In 2015, he joined the CoffeAdapt team as a molecular physiologist. In 2017, his "coffee Adapt team" in CIRAD obtained from UE, a H2020 project called "Breedcafs" to study the behavior of Hybrid F1 varieties of coffee against climate change and managed under agroforestry systems. An expatriate since 2017 in Mexico, he was responsible for monitoring the field trials of this project in Central America. After initiating work on plant health, he is currently developing projects involving regenerative agriculture and agroforestry in Mexico, with a special focus on soil health, plant health, productivity and coffee quality.

Ongoing fundings and projects

  • Las Canadas, Mexico - CIRAD - ECOM project (2023-2028):  Semi-industrial comparative study of 12 arabica varieties, including 4 F1 hybrids under agroforestry and regenerative agriculture conditions.
  • Belco, France - CIRAD - French Embassy in Mexico project (2023-2027):  Understanding the interrelationship between light and temperature on coffee flowering with the aim of creating new varieties better adapted to the shaded agroforestry systems (1 mexican PhD student)
  • Breeding4Futur (2023-2027):  Harnessing genetic diversity to increase productivity and quality. (collaboration CIRAD - ECOM)
  • PRCC Café Nord Laos (2023-2027):   (WP5 = Soil fertility in coffee plantations by organic means and impact on the health of coffee trees: laying the basis of regenerative agriculture concept on coffee)
  • CIRAD - Nestlé project (2021-2023):  Effects of drought (and other environmental parameters) in C. canephora: a proposed large scale approach toward GWAS and selection of new elite clones.
  • CIRAD - Nestlé project (2021-2023):  Identification of markers & candidate genes associated with male sterility in Coffea arabica.


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