DIversité - Adaptation - DEveloppement des plantes


Daphné Autran, Scientist, IRD - daphne.autran[@]ird.fr
Caroline Michaud,
Assistant Engineer, IRD - caroline.michaud[@]ird.fr
Daniel Grimanelli, Scientist, IRD - daniel.grimanelli[@]ird.fr
Mathieu Ingouff, Scientist, Univ Montpellier - mathieu.ingouff[@]ird.fr
Olivier Leblanc, Scientist, IRD, team leader - olivier.leblanc[@]ird.fr
Elvira Hernandez Lagana, PhD, IRD - elvira.hernandez-lagana[@]ird.fr
Juliette Aubert, PhD, Univ Montpellier - juliette.aubert[@]ird.fr

Past members and visiting scientists



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