DIversité - Adaptation - DEveloppement des plantes
Team contacts: Boris DELAHAIE or Frédéric GEORGET

Scientific staff:

 Rémi AUGUSTE | Technician (CIRAD)

 Jean-Christophe BREITLER | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Jean-Rémy BROSSIER | Research Engineer (CIRAD - 50% with the F2F team)

 Benoît BERTRAND | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Boris DELAHAIE | Research Scientist (CIRAD) 

 Hervé ETIENNE | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Frédéric GEORGET | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Mathieu GONIN | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Eric LACOMBE | Associate professor (University of Montpellier)

 Eveline LEFORT | Research Engineer (CIRAD)

 Sophie LERAN | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Delphine MIEULET | Research Scientist (CIRAD)

 Nora RENSCH | Project manager (CIRAD)

 Luc VILLAIN | Research Scientist (CIRAD)


Post-Doctoral fellows:

 Lison MARIE (2023-2024, previous PhD student 2019-2022)
Postdoc subject: "Functional study of male sterility in Coffea arabica using histological and transcriptomic approaches"
Working with Delphine Mieulet (CIRAD), Benoit Bertrand (CIRAD) and Pierre Marraccini (CIRAD) on the MADGIC project  
Thesis title: "Molecular determinants of flavour formation in Arabica coffee beans" 
Supervised by Benoit Bertrand (CIRAD)

PhD students:

 Thuan SARZYNSKI, CIRAD and ECOM scholarship (2020- )
Thesis title: "Impact of climatic conditions and water availability on the eco-physiological responses and agronomic performances of Coffea arabica F1-hybrids versus fixed lines in the Northwest Vietnam"
Supervised by Hervé Etienne (CIRAD) and Pierre Marraccini (CIRAD)

 Killian LAURENT, CIRAD and ANSES scholarship (2022- )
Thesis title: "Study of the intraspecific variability and invasion capacities of an emerging tropical nematode in French rice cultivation"
Supervised by Laurent Folcher (ANSES), Luc Villain (CIRAD), Stéphane Bellafiore (IRD) and Maria Grossi De Sa (ANSES)

Ikram AMARA, EU project BOLERO (2023- )
Thesis title: "Functional analysis of coffee genes involved in root architecture and water stress tolerance"
Supervised by Hervé Etienne (CIRAD) and Christophe Perin (AGAP, CIRAD)

Lucas LAFLAQUIERE, CIFRE scholarship funded by AMATERA BIOSCIENCES (CIRAD/IRD/AMATERA collaboration) (2023- )
Thesis title: "Cellular and molecular tools for genome editing and metabolic engineering of coffee plants: designing new profiles for lipids and grain alkaloids"
Supervised by Hervé Etienne (CIRAD), Thierry Joët (IRD) and Lucie Kriegshauser (AMATERA BIOSCIENCES)

Administrative staff:

 Isabelle HERAULT | Administrative assistant (CIRAD)

Former members:

Pierre Marraccini, CIRAD Research Scientist (2015-2023)
Rayan AWADA, PhD student (2017-2020) and Post-Doctoral fellow (2020-2022)
Claudine CAMPA, IRD Research Scientist
Olivier BONATO, IRD Research Scientist
Laurence PASCAL, Associate professor University of Montpellier
Cecile ABDALLAH, Research Assistant (2017-2021)
Doâa DJERRAB, Research Assistant (2018-2019)
Teerarat DUANGSODSRI (Thailand), PhD Student (2017-2020)
Sinara OLIVEIRA DE AQUINO (Brazil), PhD Student (2015-2018)
Ialy ROJO VESTALY (Madagascar), PhD Student (2015-2018)
Lucile TONIUTTI, PhD Student (2014-2017)  
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